EUVOX is a state-of-the-art, EU-wide voting advice application (VAA) for the 2014 elections to the European Parliament. The purpose of EUVOX is to help citizens to select the political party that best matches their own policy preferences and enable them to have quick access to information about the positions of all parties in these crucial elections. The project was designed and implemented by a consortium of researchers based on Kieskompas and PreferenceMatcher, two experienced organizations in the field of VAAs that have designed many such tools across four continents, as well as country teams from all EU member states. In addition, Kieskompas has co-designed EU Profiler, winner of the 2009 eDemocracy award. EUVOX was sponsored financially by the Open Society Initiative for Europe (European Elections 2014) and the Directorate-General for Communication of the European Parliament (area of internet-based activities/online media – 2014).