About us

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of members of the organizations of the EUvox 2014 consortium (Kieskompas and PreferenceMatcher). The members of the Steering Committee are responsible for the academic content of the project, as well as its overall management and funding.

Kostas Gemenis, University of Twente
André Krouwel, VU University Amsterdam
Fernando Mendez, University of Zurich
Nicolas Tsapatsoulis, Cyprus University of Technology

Media Campaign and Dissemination

This team is in charge of the overall coordination of the dissemination of the Project and the development of a communication plan for the media. Their mission is to publicize the tool to ensure the highest access and usage of EUvox by voters.

Oscar Moreda Laguna, Kieskompas
Theresa Eckert, Kieskompas
Kirsten Bijkerk, Kieskompas

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board consists of distinguished researchers engaged in electoral research. The members of the Advisory Board advise the Steering Committee on the construction of the questionnaire (particularly the EU-wide questions) and other methodological matters, and ensure the compatibility of EUVOX with national and European election studies and other related projects.

Kees Aarts, University of Twente
Susan Banducci, University of Exeter
André Blais, University of Montreal
Wouter van der Brug, University of Amsterdam
Ali Çarkoğlu, Koç University
Bruno Cautrès, SciencesPo. Paris
Zsolt Enyedi, Central European University
David Farrell, University College Dublin
Olga Gyarfasova, Comenius University
Seán Hanley, University College London
Michael Lewis-Beck, University of Iowa
Ignacio Sanchez-Cuenca, Universidad Carlos III
Susumu Shikano, University of Konstanz
Allan Sikk, University College London
Claes de Vreese, University of Amsterdam